5 Best Paying Playtech Online Slots

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Nothing could beat the payout from 5 best paying playtech online slots! Professional players know what makes the slots from playtech has superior quality. It is not only about the picture quality, but also about the payout. As much as the pleasing aesthetic, the payout is also important for the gamer.

5 Best Paying Playtech Online Slots

5 Best Paying Playtech Online Slots
5 Best Paying Playtech Online Slots

Age of the Gods: King of Olympus

What players love from Playtech Company is the creativity at making the plot? A lot of slot games take gods as their theme, but none could beat how playtech shapes the game. The standard is high, portraying the exact picture of human trying to beat the gods.

The first time players should not miss the bonus round. It grants them ten free spinning. The multiple bonus also has quite beneficial rule. Once the players get the bonus, the number will ascend by one every time they get two free spins.


For those who are familiar with the box office movie, then this game is just the mini version of it. The plot is a copy paste of the movie, a proof of the loyal fan. Once in a while, the short clip taken from the movie will play. It is activated when certain bonus appears.

The winning chance from this game is 94 percent. It is even better with the progressive jackpots. The players might be able to see whether they could double or even triple the prize.

Alchemists Lab

To be one of the best paying slot, a game should offer something different. For Alchemist’s Lab case, it is the full display of the game and also the pay rate. Instead of borrowing the items only, this game apply some rules before the players could get some bonuses.

It has three reels. Once you get three books at once, then the bonus round is opened. The prize from this bonus round is 10.000 coins at the maximum. With 97 percent chance to win, why the players should refuse?

Great Blue

There is no gain without pain. Remember this saying before deciding to play the game. Great Blue is known as the demanding cash sucker. The players will need more cash in the beginning of the game. Therefore, it is not recommended for those who want to play with limited budget.

Once the players hit the big jackpot, more bonuses and prizes will follow. For this reason, many players don’t really mind losing so much in the early game.

Panther Moon

Just like the title, the main character in this game is a glorious black panther. The players could bet on any of the fifteen pay lines. In addition, there are 15 free spins also. Amazingly, the spinning bonus could be triggered to appear again. In the end, the number of free spinning is unlimited!


Enjoying the great display is probably the only thing that matters for some players who only aim to play for fun. However, it might be different for those who want more benefits. For the last case, pick one of the 5 best paying playtech online slots. Good luck! Play and get your winnings here Casinoonlineqq808 Top Casino Live Gaming Website in Malaysia.

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