7 Up Baccarat Live Casino Game Tips

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Casino game lovers must be familiar with this kind of game. This game is apparently one of the most favorite casino games, especially in Asia. The numbers of people who are interested in this game have been growing fast. Some variations of the baccarat game are created to fulfill this growing trend. One of them is the 7 Up Baccarat. Currently, many people are wondering the 7 Up Baccarat Live Casino Game Tips. So, what are they?

7 Up Baccarat Live Casino Game Tips

7 Up Baccarat Live Casino Game Tips
7 Up Baccarat Live Casino Game Tips

Always Check the Probability of the 7 Up Baccarat bets!

Since the 7 Up Baccarat game have the rule of the drawing cards that should follow a particular prescribed set of rules, there will be no tricks which can be applied in playing this game. The chances to affect the benefits will merely rely on the betting strategies. There are several ways to improve the chances of winning.

The first tip, it is better for the players to check that the possibilities which are offered to the baccarat bets are correct. The spare regular commissions to the banker wager are usually 5 percent, yet, there are some probabilities that several casinos will pay 25 percent for this wager. However, some casinos will offer not more than 5 percent either.

Set the Bet on the Player!

The odds on 7 Up Baccarat game should be even on normal player. It means the odds should be 1:1 or even. It stays like this all the time. Meanwhile, the Tie Bet odd is usually 8:1. It is suggested to be avoided. It also explains why players are recommended to bet on player only.

Playing the 7 Up Baccarat? Avoid Setting the Tie Bet!

The possibility to gain the winning while setting the wager on the “tie” is very limited. Therefore, it is suggested that the players should eliminate the possibility of a tie. If the players can eliminate the possibility of a tie, the banks may win 50.7 percent of the time while the players will have the chance to win 49.3 percent of the time. Not to mention, it will make the game have the wager or gamble as much as 50:50.

Try the Side Wagers!

Another tip, side wagers in this game are better than in the conventional baccarat game. The requirement of the initial seven applied in this game makes the ties may occur more frequently as 10.1 percent.

The House Edge is usually quite lower. It is usually 4.05 percent. Meanwhile, the House Edge on Super Seven is around 8.86 percent. It is also recommended for players to try to bet on the Pair side wager on this game.

The Fewer the Better!

Before deciding which table to play the baccarat game, it is better to look for tables with fewer than eight decks. Such tables with fewer decks will be more advantageous, especially for the players who have been expert enough in playing the game. They can easily count the cards and predict the outcome of an upcoming hand.


Despite this game has particular rules of the drawing cards, it does not mean that winning this game is hard. Those 7 Up Baccarat Live Casino Game Tips above can be tried to increase the chances of winning. Play at Casinoqq801 Best Live Malaysia Casino Site & Online Betting Games to get more winnings.

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