Fraud in casinos

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Like any other place in the world casinos are not free from Fraud in casinos. Even casinos have to face a great many frauds every now and then and due to this the casinos have been facing a great loss in their finances. So in order to prevent the fraud the casinos have established such systems which are able to detect any sort of cheating which is being done in the casino rooms. The casino hosts are instructed to remain alert at all the time and not to give them favors in the bribe of tips and if such a thing is noticed then steps are taken to punish the people who have involved in the cases of frauds and all the players are instructed to play fair and it is also an interesting fact to mention that the players are not the only ones who are doing all the fraud. The casinos also cheat to gain profits and not to let the players win and that kind of cheating is even harder to detect and only the very expert players of gambling can understand such frauds and tricks.

Fraud in casinos

Fraud in casinos
Fraud in casinos

There are various methods by which the players cheat to win the bet

  1. The players usually replace the larger value of chips, after the bet is won, with the smaller ones.
  2. Many players are expert enough to mark the cards during the game.
  3. The marked decks are high difficult to detect and it is the result of the conspiracies of the casino employees. To mark the decks they are changed before selling them away. In order to prevent such kind of fraud it is highly recommendable to avoid the purchase of the used cards.
  4. It is very hard to believe but the gamblers are wise enough to change the result of the outcomes. These methods are not shared publicly but there are people who have done it.
  5. In the poker games the two players that are actually partners signal each other the type of cards they have. It is one of the frauds that is the hardest one to detect because it is done in a confidential manner and not everyone can understand it.

As mentioned earlier that not only the players are the ones who cheat in the casinos and the casinos cheat as well.

Following are some actions that are performed by the casinos

  1. To let the player lose the bet, the casinos often use a loaded dice and in some cases the casinos were discovered to be using the cold deck.
  2. The deck of the cards that are being used are in a composition that is not standard.
  3. This one is commonly done by the casinos. The casinos often advertise such promotions that are not available in there. It is just a scam and the reason behind is only to attract the customers towards the casinos.
  4. Bait and the switch, which merely means that the casinos send wrong mails to the customers regarding the new offers and the discount packages that they are offering to the customers. But when the customer is attracted towards them and steps into the casino, sadly these packages are said to be unavailable.

Numerous other methods by which the customers are fooled

There are numerous other methods by which the customers are fooled by the casinos and also the other way around and so in order to prevent the cheating occurred in casinos major steps have been taken. It can be reduced by using the right kind of procedure to shuffle and distribute the cards among the players and some casinos are using such software that can detect the expressions of the players right when they tend to do anything wrong to prevent frauds.

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