Fun Facts About Lottery

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In the year 2010, it was estimated around that North America has spent about $58 billion on their lotteries. But here we would like to mention that the odds of winning a jackpot are around 1 in 200 million. The lottery is a fun activity for each single person as they do have a conception in mind that if they are lucky enough then they can be won the handsome amount of money just by sitting at home. But the lottery is one such aspect that all depends on luck! Through this post, we will be highlighting down some of the interesting facts about the lottery that are fun to know!

Fun Facts About Lottery

Fun Facts About Lottery
Fun Facts About Lottery

Fact No 1:

You would be much surprised to listen that 44% of winners lose it all. It has estimated around that around 44% of national lottery winners deplete their entire winnings just as within five years. For any jackpot over a few million dollars, you have to admit yourself in the fact that you do have the stunning feat.

Fact No 2:

In the whole world there are about 48% of winners who keep their day job. People do have a conception in mind that lottery is merely targeting the poor people only. But in the ordinary class, the people are satisfied with the whatsoever job they are doing in their life, and they don’t put themselves in the troubles of the lottery.

Fact No 3:

 It has conducted through the survey that almost 15% of the people start off with the search for a new job after getting disappointment from the first try of the lottery.

Fact No 4:

You left with just 5% of the chance to make yourself happy in winning the lottery. It means that there are just 5% chances through which you can win the lottery. According to the study by Camelot Group, it has been figured out that 55% of national lottery winners are claiming out to be happier after winning. 65% of these hence have the credit lack of financial stress, and 23% are having the ability faith to buy whatever they want to buy.

Fact No 5:

Most of the times it does happen that the young generation is purchasing the greater amount of lottery. 83% of the winners do give all of their money to their family. It has conducted through the survey that 17% of $100,000 to $500,000 lottery winners get asked by their family from the side of the money. The high the lottery will be the more attention you will be getting from your family side.

Fact No 6:

Money is one such thing that can make you forget everything even the friends that help you in the need of time. It has estimated that 90% of winners lose friends. Jealousy is one of the most important points that become the biggest hurdle in the friendship relationship. But on the same side, your ego sometimes break all the relations.

Fact No 7:

Among all the lottery winners there is just the amount of 1% who do spend their lottery winning number on the plastic surgery. They do want to get the money to make them grow young looking once again. After winning £1.9 million just as at the age of 16, Callie Rogers who was the UK’s youngest-ever lottery winner he spent £550,000 on four properties as well as £250,000 on parties and finally hard drugs plus £85,000 on cars and £11,500 on two boob jobs.

Fact No 8:

Lastly an interesting fact is that when you get the huge amount of money, then the only wish you have in your mind is to travel around the world! The same thing was done by the winners of the lottery. Most of the winners opt for the option to go around the world with this money. They book the tickets for the World Tour and take themselves on a world trip. In short, they favor spending the money on themselves.

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