History of Tennis

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Do you love playing tennis? Tennis is no doubt one of the most top famous and one of the top most wanted sports in the whole world. The fans of this game never think about missing even a single tournament of this competition. But have you ever thought about knowing the history of the tennis! If not then scroll down because we are taking you inside the history planet of Tennis!

History of Tennis

History of Tennis
History of Tennis

Different Concepts of Playing Tennis Sport:

Some of the people left with the conception in their minds that ancient Egyptians, Greeks, and along with the Romans have come across as they played different versions of tennis. In the world, there is no such picture or the definition that would describe the actual meaning of this sport. Therefore, each single culture has done their sport by giving it the name of “Tennis”. The word tennis has been all derived from the Egyptian town of Tennis that is located just as alongside the Nile.

What is Tennis Sports All About?

As with the passage of time this sport turns out to be famous all over the world the courtyard areas of the sports, playing was hence modified into indoor courts. In this sport, the ball is all the way played off the walls. Bare handed playing gives much trouble to the players and hence this came up with the introduction of the gloves. Now it is the choice of the player that whether they want to wear the gloves on the whole hand or just on the fingers. This ball was all followed by the company of the webbing attached to a handle that was known principally as a racquet. Mostly rubber and leather stuff of balls used so that the player can hit the shot hardly.

What Type of Racquet Used In Early Tennis History?

 By the era of 1500 when the tennis introduced for the very first time, the racquet was made from the wooden stuff. This wooden racquet was all found to strung by the means of sheep gut. At the same side, the cork-cored ball was used off that was weighing around three ounces.

All About Tennis Courts of Old Tennis Sports:

If you are figuring out the old tennis court with the modern tennis courts, you will be finding the huge difference in them. In the past time, choosing the lawn tennis was a common task. But as the game started to take the mature turns the real tennis took the shape of the courtyard. In the year 1625, the very first tennis court was built in the place of England. It was a narrow, indoor court at the location of where the ball played off walls. In this courtyard, the net was about five feet high on top of the ends all along with the three feet in the middle.

Beginning of Tennis Tournaments in the World:

In the year 1877 from the side of the All England Club, the very first Wimbledon tournament was held. For the purpose of this tennis tournament a special court arranged, that was rectangular in shape. Certain rules were set up for this game. In this courtyard, the net was about five feet high at the sides all along with the service boxes that were 26 feet deep.

There is no doubt about the fact that with the passage of time Tennis is one such single sport that is reputable standing as one of the finest and good sports in the world. It is the main reason that today this sport has thousands or even millions of viewers all over the globe. There are many sport training centers that established for the purpose of teaching the new and talented players in this field work. Do you love to play tennis as well?

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