How to Know If The Roulette Wheel Is Not Fair?

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When you are totally focusing on your roulette bet, how to know if the roulette wheel is not fair? This question would be the basic ones if the punters are going to bet on the game. Are you one of these new comers? Then don’t call yourself a roulette master as you haven’t learned about the facts and handicap of the spinning game.

How to Know If The Roulette Wheel Is Not Fair?

  1. Check The Design

The chance of playing with hacked roulette is bigger if you play on the illegal casino. The legal one like The most trusted live casino website in Malaysia won’t even dare to play such trick, as the government will take back the business license. A proper casino board should have great balance and allow the ball to rolls on smoothly and not leaning to one direction. Such cheap trick will be found on the board installed in underground casino.

Fortunately, you could see the distinct difference between the original and the fake one. A short internet browsing will give you the picture of the hacked board. Try to memorize how it looks.

  1. Magnetic Ball

In addition to the tilted board, you have to observe the magnetic system under the board. Some magnets are installed under zero slots. Usually its north pole is facing up. To prevent the balls landing from zero or specific numbers, the staff would activate the magnet installed under the ball. It has systematic blocking that allows the host to activate either the north or South Pole.

For example, most punters bet on zero. The host will activate the North Pole, as the North Pole under zero slot is facing up, too. As the result, the ball will never fall on zero slot, as the north poles reject the similar polar. This way, no one will leave the table while bringing big money. The casino owner will squeeze out more money than usual, too.

  1. Fabricated Air Compressor

Have you heard about malfunctioned automatic casino? If yes, it must be the minor accident. The automated machine is the most fair of all machines, in a way that neither the player nor the staff could manipulate the result. In the other words, the number shown is a pure random result. This statement only cannot stop some tricks to alter the result of the spinning balls.

To run the machine, automatic roulette needs air compressor. It blows air through the random slits to smoothly push the ball further. By ruining the air compressor system, the ball will roll to certain slots. Even though it cannot be categorized as full manipulation, the expert punters would notice the tendency. As the result, they could win if they bet on certain group of number.

The first rule of roulette game is treating the wheel as the center of the game. Aside from relying on eyes power to follow where the ball roll, you have to see if the roulette is set right. Check first the design of the roulette board then double check the balls. See if it has magnetic function, should you wonder how to know if the roulette wheel is not fair?

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