Kinds of Slot Games That Betsoft Offers

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Looking for extraordinary slot games? Just go to BETSOFT and you can play many games, including slot games. Just choose the classic one or the Slots3TM to satisfy your playing slot games desire. Before jumping in playing cool games, check the kinds of slot games that betsoft offers.

Kinds of Slot Games That Betsoft Offers

Classic Slots

For you, classic slots lovers, this website never replace any of classic slots games. You still can find them in classic slots part, although there are so many new slot games appear. Here are three classic slots games that you better do not miss.

  • Lucky 7
  • This game’s title is taken from number seven as the number of luck. This game will direct the player to the luckiest situation by playing and getting as many rewards as he can. If the player can get straight seven in the winning line, he can get the best reward. Easy and fun!
  • 7th Heaven
  • If the Lucky 7 game is three reels-slot game, 7th Heaven is five reels-slot games. It means that you can doubled the reward, doubled the money, and also doubled the fun! The highest amount you can win in this game is 7,500. Besides of that, you can also get seven free-spin bonus if you are lucky.
  • Royal Reels
  • This is also a five reels-slot game, but the theme royal is taken here. Royals Reels take this theme into the symbols like gold and diamonds so you can feel glamour and can win those things.


There are so many slots game in this part of BETSOFT that you can find on their affiliate sites like Slot Machine Games, Free Slot Betting Website. The games are equipped with 3D pictures. You can choose which one is your favorite, since every game has different theme and also different bonuses. Here are some examples of the games.

  • The Slot Father Part II
  • This game gets a gangster theme. This game is basically a five by three slot game. It means you should get three same pictures to win something. The scatter is a truck picture and the host is a scary gangster, but don’t be afraid. He is always change his attitude, whenever you win something.
  • Tycoons
  • Feel the sensation of becoming rich and exclusive people through this game. Only the VIP members can join this game, but don’t worry, you are VIP member.
  • Mamma Mia
  • This game is for you, food lovers. The host is a chef that preparing food and the reels are on the stoves. It is fun to play this game and you can get a new feature that is you can lock the position of the wild symbol whenever you like and get more winning. You also can get a free spin every time you hit three pizzas or more. Sounds yummy!

Don’t worry to be bored with the games. You can choose among 72 slots games with 3D pictures in Slots3TM. You also can choose among the classic games and feels nostalgic. Those are the kinds of slot games that betsoft offers. Just click the website now and play!

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