Meaning of First Dozen Bet in Roulette Online Game

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Roulette will give you various kinds of bet which grant you plenty of prizes. Perhaps, you have heard the terms the inside and outside bets. One of the popular outside bets is the dozen bet. Trusted Live Casino Gambling Website In Malaysia would love to satisfy your curiosity about the meaning of first dozen bet in roulette online game.

Meaning of First Dozen Bet in Roulette Online Game

In a European roulette table which has a 0, we have 37 pockets. The American roulette table, however, has 38 pockets due to the existence of 00 beside the standard 0. Assuming the 0 and 00 disappears from the table, we will have 36 pockets left.

The Dozens in Roulette

Since we have 36 pockets, we would have three dozen on a roulette table. They are usually called First dozen, Second dozen, and Third dozen. However, some people call them with the low, middle, and high dozen.

Each dozen covers 12 pockets. The first dozen includes the pockets one to twelve. The second one covers the pockets 13 to 24. The third includes the pockets 25 to 36. Yet, the numbers in each dozen are not adjacent.

The Payout of the Dozen Bet

Like any other outside bet, the dozen bet pays two to one. It means if you wager a unit and manage to win the bet, you will get two unit plus your initial bet. For example, if you wager $5, you will get a return of $15.

This opportunity seems appealing since you can cover about one third or even two thirds of the table. Yet, you must note that you cannot place your bet on all dozens. Another point that you must pay attention to is that if the ball lands on 0 or 00, you will instantly lose. Nevertheless, many people comment that the dozen bet (and its counterpart—the column bet) is the best bet in roulette after the even money bets.

The Strategies of Placing the Dozen Bet

By covering a section or two sections, the method boosts your winning percentage. The only thing that you should never do while implementing this method is mixing it up with the opposite even money bets. Other than that you may mix it up with other bets.

It is also up to you whether you want to use a single dozen or double dozens bet variant. You can use also simple fixed, proportional or progressive betting systems. Whether you choose the first dozen or the other ones is your own decision. Hence, the first dozen bet is placing a single dozen bet on the first dozen of the table.

Each progressive variant has its own progressive line. If you prefer spending less money with lower winning percentage, you can apply single dozen bet of which line is 1–1–2–3–4–6–9–14–21–31–47. If you want a bigger risk covering bigger sections of the table, the double dozens bet’s progressive line is 1–3–9–27–81–243.

Now you know the meaning of first dozen bet in roulette online game. Although this method will allow you to get a higher winning probability, it cannot cut the house edge. What do you think about it? Would you like to try it the next time you play roulette?

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