Melancholic Melancholic tragedies occurred due to casinos

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Casinos can be very exciting and happy place for many people out there who love to come to the casinos on regular basis and find great and never ending joy in there but it is worth mentioning that in most of the cases this fun is not never ending and it ends very soon due to some tragedies occurred inside a casino. People get very over excited inside a casino and all they want to do is win and they cannot tolerate anything at all that cause disappointment for them. They can do anything to make things work for them.

This kind of extreme behavior leads to many fights and other kind of violent stuff that results in something that is very sad and a loss for everyone. Some of the very popular and tragic stories regarding casinos are discussed below.

Melancholic Melancholic tragedies occurred due to casinos

Melancholic Melancholic tragedies occurred due to casinos
Melancholic Melancholic tragedies occurred due to casinos


Quarrels are not something new when it comes to casinos but a quarrel at A.C casino ended very badly. In this event a disagreement had started among two people and at the end of this discussion a man was killed by the other and the killer was eventually taken into the police custody. This quarrel had started due to some issues in the slot machine and so it ended so badly that a man had to lose his life.

Casino worker

A single mother named Ada Velez used to work in a casino and she loved her job a lot. But soon it was found out that she was giving away way more vouchers than it was allowed to. The casino had to face a huge loss due to her actions and when this was found out then she was sent to prison immediately. She also has to pay a very huge amount of fine in order to compensate for the loss of the casino. She had said that she gave away many vouchers because whenever she did so then people used to give her tips and she had to do this for getting good tips. So such kind of action had led her to lose her beloved job and it also ruined her reputation and her career as a casino worker as well.


Gambling becomes very dangerous when it becomes an addiction and as a result people have to face serious problems. This story is about the wife of a lawyer who had robbed a huge amount of money from her husband just to play in a fruit machine. She was highly addicted to gambling and when she was out of money she had to steal some from her husband. She was sent to prison when her husband had found out about her. Once they went for holidays, the firm started to face financial issues. It was found out that they had stolen that money. The couple was arrested. Husband paid his fine and got rid of prison but wife had to be imprisoned for a long time.

Women gambling

Three women who were very close friends and had good jobs and were very happy with their families and they were having very decent lives. But all of this ideal scenario had changed due to addiction to gambling. Once they went out to casino to have fun and started to play games in there. After that this became their routine and so they became addicted to these games. Due to this addiction they had literally become thieves to get required amount of money for spending on the games in casinos. Two of these women are currently in prison.

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