Racism and the Game of Football

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Racism in association football is mainly taken out to be the abuse of players as well as officials just for the reasons of their color, nationality or even sometimes because of the ethnicity. There are so many people who are even becoming the target because of the association in the means of an opposing team. But at the same time, there are some of the incidents where the player is getting target by his person who was his fan at some point in time.

Racism and the Game of Football

Racism and the Game of Football
Racism and the Game of Football

Racism in association football found in the European Union and Russia. In return to the response of the racist incidents at the place of the partnership football matches just as in May 2013, FIFA hence the ruling international best governing body of association football came up with the introduction of some of the perfect precautions to better make the concept of the racism in the sport.

Make the concept of the racism in the sport

  • Hanif Adams known as the owner of Lusaka Dynamos came ahead to be the subject of the racist remarks just for his Indian heritage.
  • Moreover, there have been some reports related to the racial attacks against the Philippine national team during the time when took part in the event of the Mongkok Stadium in a match that was in opposition to the Hong Kong in the year 2013. Hong Kong fans did mention their counterparts with the name of “slaves” and eventually dirty bottles at them. Hong Kong lost the friendly match to the Philippines, 1–0.
  • Benny Chan, who is the spokesman for the Hong Kong Football Association, mentioned out in his statement that the football association will be going to set up with an official detail report that will base on the incident of the FIFA and the public after getting end up with the inquiry. In the year 2014 J1 League club Urawa Red Diamonds went to play out.
  • In this same way, there was another racial incident that took place during the time of the match that was held as in between the Philippines and Indonesia on 5 June in the year 2012. There was a greater number of Indonesian fans who called the names as “Hindi kayo Pilipino” at Filipino players of non-Philippine ancestry. It was quite a disgusting situation to handle out on the playground.
  • Oguchi Onyewu has been eventually punched and faced an abusive, racist fan at the time he was playing for Standard Liège. He even suffered such incidents likewise with some other players too. He even found some of the fans who called him by the name of “dirty ape” during the time of the 2008–09 Championship playoff. Many of such situations did take place in the football world that are somehow coming out to be the dirty examples of the racism.
  • In the year 2005, Paris Saint-Germain’s players made the choice to wear the white t-shirt, and the opposing Lens team players made the decision to wear the black jersey just as during the French league match. Until the end of the game, there was all around the monkey chants from the Boulogne crowd every single time the Lens player touched the ball. Also, in the year 2008, the player named as Abdeslam Ouaddou from the side of Valenciennes was hence racially abused by one of the fans from the opposite side. Due to always happening such incidents the French Football Federation came up with the steps to introduce harsher punishments for such racist scenes.

Since the time football has entered into this world, racism has been the part of this sports. There are many disturbing incidents as well that happened inside the sports world of the football in the category of racism. Do you support the act that racism should remove from the football games on the earlier basis?

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