Should Cricket be Included in Olympics?

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We all know the fact that cricket is considered to be one of the world’s most top leading sports that is being loved all over the world. No one can deny this fact! But at the same time, so many of the cricket fans do have a question in mind that why cricket is not the part of Olympics! It has still not made its debut on the grandest stage of them all. No one is getting the actual answer but still some reasons are stopping the Olympic Games to enter the cricket sports in their event.

Should Cricket be Included in Olympics?

Reason no 1: ‘Cricket is a Game, Not a Sport’:

We do have many times listened to the people that cricket is not a sport, and it is just a game. But as the cricket has been expanding using the advent of T20 and the six over competitions the game has turned the face of being more grueling than ever.

Reason No 2: Duration of the Matches:

The period of the Olympics is about three week. And it is not understood that how Olympic will going to fit this cricket sport right inside their so tight schedule. We all know that Cricket takes too long to watch at The Leading Sportsbook Online Website And Asia Top Best Bookies. You can never hold with the 50-50 game inside the Olympics and even T20 as well.

Should Cricket be Included in Olympics?
Should Cricket be Included in Olympics?

Reason No 3: Promoting Women’s Cricket:

It is a common fact that today cricket is having the greater sum of the fan following among the women in the whole world. But still, the women cricket sport is not getting that much prominence and promotion as for the men side of cricket. Olympic is equally giving the importance to men and females both.

Reason No 4: Cricket Needs a Stadium:

In the same way cricket is a big game and to be the part of the Olympic cricket should have a big stadium. It is for sure a foreseeable problem. Olympic events cannot afford to build the first stadium to hold the cricket matches. It is the main reason that still cricket is not the part of the Olympics. It is not just happening on the side of the cricket only! There are so many sports who are still not getting the chance to make themselves as the part of the cricket games at The Biggest Online Sports Betting Site in Malaysia. Just like cricket, football needs a stadium. In the same way, if tennis wants to be the part of Olympics then it should have various tennis court cases.

Reason No 5: One of the Largest Audiences:

Another major reason that cricket is not the part of the Olympics is the huge audience attendance of the cricket. Cricket has almost 2.5 billion followers that make it appear to be the second most popular sport played today. If Olympics did include the cricket in their games, then they have to undergo with the special arrangement for the audience in billions of amount to watch the cricket matches which they cannot afford. Well, to some extent this myth is correct in its place!

Reason No 6: Viewership:

On the last, we will be highlighting about the viewership of the cricket! With the billions of fan following of this sports at Malaysia Online Sports Betting Site, Live in Play Bets, Cricket would bring in with a much larger viewership to the Olympics. It can readily produce some outcomes as in against some other sports that are part of the Olympics.

Well, just like all such reasons many more important and vital reasons are stopping the cricket games to be the part of the Olympic events! Reasons are not too much big but still we can say that the arrival of cricket in Olympics can bring some effects on some other sports in this event. What do you think? Are these reasons valid or not?

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