Some Fun Facts About Hockey

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If you are one of the biggest fans of the hockey sports, then we are sure that you will not be going to miss out reading this article! Hockey is one of the most famous and wanted games all over the world. It is the main reason that those people who love to watch this game they are much interested in learning about the interesting facts of this sport as well. Scroll down and grab with some fun facts about hockey:

Some Fun Facts About Hockey

Some Fun Facts About Hockey
Some Fun Facts About Hockey

Fact No 1:

All the Hockey players do mention their mothers to be the source of their support in this match. But this is not in the case of Sidney Crosby as one of the finest Hockey players. He has made a rule of not speaking to his mother at the time of game playing. He has broken this rule three times and all these three occasions he has to face the injury.

Fact No 2:

All the hockey players has to face the trouble in which they phone calls are being tapped in a perfect way. Some rituals were made about the meals of the players. There was a former NHL player Joe Nieuwendyk, who hence ate the same meal before each game. His lunch included with the two pieces of toast with peanut butter.

Fact No 3:

Since the inception of this game in 1917 this game has developed on the high scale.

Fact No 4:

Legendary goaltender Patrick Roy used to undergo with the small conversation with his goalposts during games to make them know that how they have to stand along with each other. They end up their conversation with the most common response? “Ping!”

Fact No 5:

In the Hockey sports there are about 3 Stanley Cups as the first cup introduced in the year 1892. The second one is the “Presentation Cup,” which is all visible right over at the players skate around.

Fact No 6:

You might not know the truth, but the Stanley Cup has a Twitter account. This account mainly belongs to the Stanley Cup’s keeper and official chaperone known as Philip Pritchard. He often posts photos of the cup and latest happenings in the hockey field to keep the fans up-to-date.

Fact No 7:

When the hockey pucks were not introduced then at that time the earliest hockey games were played outside on top of the frozen ponds in the company of the chunks of frozen patties of cow poop.

Fact No 8:

The Zamboni came into invention in the year 1949 by a man named as Frank Zamboni.

Fact No 9:

Have you ever thought about the ice hockey and how it feels to play on the ice with the hockey stick? Hockey has divided into various categories among which ice hockey is one of the most readily favorite and top leading game types in the world.

Fact No 10:

Canadian goaltender Manon Rhéaume came ahead to be the very first and yet the woman to play in the NHL. She has appeared in almost two exhibition games in the company of the Tampa Bay Lightning.

If you are looking back in the history of the hockey, you will be finding with so many best and interesting to know facts about the game. We hope that these fun facts would have increased your knowledge 100%. To learn more fun facts related to any sports which you like the most then without wasting any time just signed into this webpage right now!

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