Teams with the Best Winning Odds in Soccer This 2017

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Betting on soccer this year? Will it be easy or difficult to predict? Before deciding anything, it is better to look for some information about the betting and each team’s odds in some reputable betting site like The leading sportsbook online website and Asia top best bookies. It is also important and beneficial to check teams with the best winning odds in soccer this 2017. Want to know some? Let’s take a look several teams below.

Teams with the Best Winning Odds in Soccer This 2017

  • What is the most favorite soccer league?

Before jumping to the teams, the bettors should know the most favorite soccer league. Avoid the less favorite because usually the sportsbook has not given their best attention to that kind of league. It is better to stay with the favorite one.

First of first is English Premier League (EPL). This league is well known for the famous teams and also the good matches. EPL has several big teams such as Manchester United, Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, and Manchester City. Those teams show agility and fierce team work to rely on.

Bettors should consider the big chances of winning on betting on these soccer teams. As said before, it is important for bettors to bet on the famous teams. Besides of the chance of getting more money, it is also saver to bet on them since the sportsbook gives more attention and details. It means bettors transaction will be kept on eye. Then, before placing any bet on certain teams, let’s check these favorite teams.

  • Manchester United

Manchester United or The Red Devil skill is never questioned. This team always has the best players and strategies in every match, including this year. Manchester United has been already the team with the best winning odds for several weeks. On a website, the odds in the early season is -300, meaning that the bettors can win $100 from placing a bet for $300, then, they can get $400 in total. Then, in the match with Swansea as the underdog, bettors can get $950 by betting on $100. It is tantalizing indeed.

  • Chelsea

The Blues’ performance is not really good in the beginning of the season. Although Chelsea won the last two seasons, it will not guarantee them to win in this season. But, this team still can give the bettors such a big amount of money. In the match with Spur, Chelsea has +265 bet as the underdog, meaning bettors can get $265 on $100 if they win. The interesting thing is the big chance to have a draw result with odds +245.

  • Manchester City

This team is the most favorable by the sportsbook to win the title of champion this season. It is based on its performance and Manchester City seems so eager to get the trophy. The odds are also in line with this wish. The Citizens as the favorite team has -355 odds. It is bigger than Manchester United’s.

Considering those three big teams are essential for bettors since they are in teams with the best winning odds in soccer this 2017. Besides of odds, you better check several matches before to see their developments and performances. It can help to decide which team has the best chance to give bettors a big hit.

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