The biggest megabucks hits of casinos

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Casinos may be a symbol of ill fate for many gamblers but there are numerous other people as well who were able to understand the logistics concerning the casinos and they are able to do the right calculation and so they win a large amount of money. As these kind of people are more diverted towards the idea of making their own luck and struggle hard. These genius people have tried their luck in the casinos and with the right expertise they have won money prizes. There is a long list of people who have changed their lives by the casinos.

Some of the people who have won the most from the casinos as a result of using good techniques or just a coincidence maybe are discussed as follows.

The biggest megabucks hits of casinos

The biggest megabucks hits of casinos
The biggest megabucks hits of casinos

Cynthia Jay

She was a waitress in a casino of Las Vegas. She came to a casino to celebrate the birthday of her mother in law to be. She tried her luck on the megabucks slot machine and on her ninth attempt she had won more than 34 million dollars. She had married her boyfriend some days later. But the saddest part of her story is that after some days she became a victim of an accident. A truck driver, who was drunk at the moment, had hit her and her sister and so her sister was killed and Cynthia was paralyzed from her waist down. She cannot even walk or do anything on her own. She admits that she can give away almost anything even her prize money just to get her sister and life back.

Patricia Demauro

She is a woman of an old age and she was not a regular player. She had had to the casino for the second time. Her friend used to play it very often and quite briefly and so she started to play as well. She reached the craps table and started to win. She had won over 150 throws in a row. She never revealed the exact amount that she won.

The students of Massachusetts Institute of Technology

A group of students of MIT were able to win millions of dollars from the casinos. The group member counted the cards and then signaled it to the other one. If such kind of thing is noticed by the dealers, they can kick you out of the casinos as well. The students had also faced the same problem but still they had won a huge amount of money and so they had made an investment company for that money.

Don Johnson

He used a different strategy to win. Unlike the MIT students he had not counted the cards but instead he closely observed the special rules of the games and was able to negotiate them successfully. The more he played the more he won. He had won 15 million dollars. And the best part is that he got a payback which meant that no matter how much he lost in the games he would get them back and the winning money will belong to him obviously.

Charles Deville

Not everyone wins with help of intelligent techniques. There are other people as well who if not win then they have to use their own tricks to win money in a casino. He was a cheater and by cheating he used to win a lot of money. But since he was a nothing but a plain fraud then he had to pay for what he had done. He was caught cheating many times. Things had changed for him. He had lost his money in a casino and then he was arrested in England as well. He had died in a prison and he had no even a single penny.

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