Threats of the Game Football

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Nowadays, football is one of the most played team sports which have been played by children, high school, college and professional teams widely across the globe. With its rising popularity, it is one of the most watched ballgames on television and hot topic on social media. Manchester United F.C., Arsenal F.C., & Liverpool F.C., are the top three most popular football clubs in the world.

A lot of football clubs have shoot up and built, lining up to introduce great players and be known around the world. Aside from becoming popular, football is also known as the most challenging sports to learn and play. It is a physically demanding game that requires a lot of dedication and hard work. May you be a newbie or an expert of the sport; it doesn’t exempt you from involving your whole body from taking offense of kicking the ball to goal or defensing the ball of the opposite to get to their goal. Moreover, the game offers a lot of benefits like developed work ethic where one strives to train to improve his skill so he is committed to attend their practice regularly.

Threats of the Game Football

Threats of the Game Football
Threats of the Game Football

Developed teamwork and learning how to plan. Though it is true that playing football provides health benefits like improved cardiovascular endurance, lowers body fat and improves muscle tone, improves agility, speed, hand-eye coordination, increases muscle and bone strength; it doesn’t escape the fact that it can also be a threat to the player. Although football is clearly a good sport, there are also some precautionary measures that a player should always remember to not turn a good sport into a horrible regret. When playing football, players should consider these possibilities:

Risk of injury is high

We know for a fact that this ballgame is very physical. The risk of getting injured in involving yourself to this game is very high, that this football game is a threat to athletes who would love to be in this game. Injuries on this sport is life-long, it creates health risks to players’ joint and ligaments that are damaged during play. Eventually, players may experience difficulty with their flexibility and movement as they grow older.

High Accident rate

Not only one or two accident involving football game went viral all over the internet. Manchester United’s Luke Shaw double-squashed his leg. Liverpool’s Alan Smith also had a worst injury while in the field, breaking his leg and dislocated his ankle after taking a goal and landed wrongly while blocking his opponent.

High Risk of Brain Damage

Repetitive blows in the head while playing this sport could lead one to brain damage. One of which is Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE), a brain disorder caused by severe blow or repeated blow to the head commonly found in professional athletes who have experienced repeated concussions or other brain trauma. This brain damage would lead to disabilities of memory loss, speech impairment, and depression. Furthermore, there has been growing number of former players that shows evidence of Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy at the time of their death.

Psychological Trauma

This usually arise when a player is dealing or recovering from an injury. Given that the physical injuries may eventually heal and just leave scars, they may be also dealing with psychological symptoms such as initial shock, anxiety, anger, depression, difficulty concentrating, and insomnia, and lassitude, loss of libido, altered appetite and weight and, in some cases, feelings of helplessness, horror, despair and reliving experiences. The state of mind is affected and in more severe cases, professional help may be required. Psychological shock can disrupt one’s life, making them preoccupied with the event or news that caused the shock. The individual may also have difficulty coping with day to day functioning such as personal relationships and work.

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