Tiger Woods: Hero or Villain of Golf?

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Who is Tiger Woods? What is his profession? How did he transform his whole image from the hero to the villain in just the couple of few months? Did he break some rule? Did he undergo with some gambling actions in his sport? Well, there are millions of fans of Tiger Woods in the whole world and each single person do a question in mind that why he is so much hatred in the world right now!

Tiger Woods: Hero or Villain of Golf?

Tiger Woods: Hero or Villain of Golf?
Tiger Woods: Hero or Villain of Golf?

What to Know About Tiger Woods?

If you think that Tiger Woods has turned into the villain, then it is your perception. He has taken the image what his fans wants to be. There is no doubt about the fact that he is one of the biggest inspirations of so many people. You might have watched him putting forward the contest on the Mike Douglas Show in 1978 when he was at the age of two. But at the same time in his professional career, he has been all the time captured out to crush opponents all the way through his junior and amateur careers. He has made his career amazing through the way of winning six USGA championship in almost six years. If we give a look at all such significant achievements, then no such mind would get the idea that he is the villain of his sports. He is the perfect example of being devotion, dedication and passionate hard work.

What Made Tiger Woods A Villain?

In the past interviews and conferences, Tiger Woods has given so many such statements that would showcase out the disrespect for some of the people. But still at the time he was young and therefore being such a great personality his apology was accepted.  But in his past interview, he made such kind of statements which were not at all acceptable and hence he did pay back the price for it. But still, his fans are in love to watch him playing the shots and cheer him up in his big tournaments. They do bring a smile on their faces when their player wins any big tournament.

It would not be wrong to say that Tiger Woods is the king of the golf planet. But being one of the greatest players, it is his sole responsibility that he should maintain a dignity and esteem in his personality and for others. He acts not less than a politician on the media questions. This lead so many minds to ponder on the question that what exactly Tiger Woods is all about! What is his inner and outer personalities? Do he has some split personality?

Did Tiger Wood Fans Forgot 2009 Scandal

You would have surely listened about the Tiger Wood scandal of 2009. This scandal shows some impacts on just on the overall image of this player but even come up with some disappointment for his fans as well. In one of the events, one of the reporters asked him about his statement on the former swing coach Hank Haney new launching book. He refused to give any statement and said that he has already spoken about it. When the reporter insisted on saying something he just gave him an angry look and asked him to sit down silently. Reported walked out of the conference without saying any word. It Was not just a disrespect situation for the player himself but the reporter as well.

Well, on this overall discussion we can just bring about the fact that Tiger Woods is one of the decent players in the Golf and in just the small period of the career he has made himself much famous. He has the huge fan following which he should not be lost with just one minor mistake. It takes a long time to earn the reputation but it does takes a one small second to destroy it!

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