Ways to be get casino host’s attention

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Winning and losing, both take place in casinos every day and almost every time and there are very few people that are aware of the fact that the winning is solely dependent on the casino host they are having. There are people who think that casino games are just the games of luck. No one can intervene much to win the games. They are partly right but they are wrong when they think that there is nothing they can do about it. There is always a way. Then there are the people who are able to do the right calculation and understand the logistics of the game and so they win. But there are this kind of people who do not know much about the calculation and stuff and they rely on other technique that is to become the center of attention of the host and convinces his psychic to help the person. But this not a very easy task to do. This may require smartness and intelligence.

Some very important rules and regulations regarding casino hosts are discussed below which can tell that how should a customer behave with the host in order to take advantage from him.

Ways to be get casino host’s attention


Reputation matters a lot

If a gambler is quite known in the casinos due to series of winning that he had then it is possible that the casino workers will treat him like a boss. They will try their best to provide them the very best services available because they have their own reputation to save. The casino hosts are more likely to give favors to those kind of gamblers who be very big and win as well. But as mentioned earlier it is not a very easy thing to do. In order to get such esteemed position in the gambling world first a gambler has to build experience and be very expert.

Pretend to be a loser

It is a common misconception among the people that the casino hosts pay more attention towards the person who is winning. It is wrong. The expert gamblers who have been playing casino games for ages have spilled the beans. They have admitted that the player who claims to be losing gets more attention and favors from the host so it is advised that the gamblers should just rant that they are losing. He should hide that he is winning and pretend to be a loser. By doing this the casino gives free services to such people because the casino may think that the player is a loser and it would be good for its finances.

Turn on the fancy mode

It is very important to bet a very big amount for the very first time in the game. When betting on the first game then all you have to do is to bet very big as the casino host has to enter the information about the betting and the player so it is a very good opportunity for the player to become the apple of the host’s eyes.

Use the ones called promotional chips

When the gambler plays really nice and cool and for a very long time then he ultimately gets free money. It is very important to get it because at this stage the gambler does not have the fear of losing as it is not his money at all. He can easily blow it off or may be win from it that can result to be a very good winning. So it is advised that the promotional chips are a must to use.

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