Why Cricket Was Known As a Gentleman’s Game?

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Do you believe in the fact that cricket is the “Gentleman Game”? In the era of the 17th century, it was figured out that cricket would play in a ‘gentlemanly manner’! But do you still think that this game is playing with the gentleman way?

One of the well-known phrase of ‘gentleman’s game’ was immense used in favor to describe cricket. As we take the name of cricket, the very first thing that comes to our mind is all about the mild-mannered men in white flannels. It would not be wrong to say that in the past century this game was taken as the game of classy and modern appearance.  In the 13th century this sport was introduced inside the world and by the 17th century, it made itself be one of the fastest growing and top favorite games. The meaning of being playing in gentleman way was that this game would not be involving any cheating, body line along with temper tantrums or excessive appealing.

Why Cricket Has Become An Unfair Game?

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In the era of the 19th century, certain incidents took place in the cricket world that the phrase of “Gentleman Game” started losing its importance. People began to take it as a joke. As you will be looking around in the cricket history since the 19th century, you will be getting through with so many cases of match fixing along with bookies and scandals. It is an undeniable fact that the cricket ground has taken the shape of the gambling field.

Why Cricketers Put Themselves In Cricket Gambling Den?

 Cricket match fixing and gambling is hence one of the easiest ways of earning the enormous and handsome amount of money. All around the world and even in some of the major cricket teams countless examples will make you learn that how some famous cricket players have ruined their whole career by getting inside the gambling and match fixing issues. In all such teams, we do have the name of Indian cricket team, Pakistan, Australian and much more.

Why Is Cricket No More a Gentleman’s Game?

George Bernard Shaw once came up with the statement that Cricket is a game that is being played by 22 fools and watched by 22,000 idiots. But now the Cricket is a game that is being played by 22 fixes and watched by 22,000 idiots. This statement goes to a greater extent. No matter how much big tournament is taking place in Cricket sport, you will be surely finding one match fixing in it that make the whole tournament feel ashamed on it. If any player was involved in the game gambling and match fixing, he was sentenced to incarceration and even banned from playing the ‘gentleman’s game‘ for a limited period.

Are Cricket Fans No More Interested in Watching Cricket?

In the dream of earning much amount of money, players do put them in the involvement of the match-fixing and gambling. But this in return hurt the sentiments of the fans. Indian people do take the cricket as the God of them, and when this God is ashamed in front of the whole world, they eventually start losing interest in them. In India, each single year “Indian Premier League” is arranged in which no never know so much match fixing, and gambling takes place, but only a few cases are spotted.

The signs of gambling and match-fixing have undoubtedly made the cricket no longer a gentleman game. But to bring back the same reputation and honor of this game among the fans it is important to remove off the gambling and match fixing elements from this sport. The cricket board management of each single country should take some strict actions against this bribery to bring back the faith and trust of the cricket fans again!

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