Why Online Betting is So Popular in Malaysia?

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It’s not rare to see countries banning casinos. In fact, many countries with strong religion roots often ban gambling activities. So, is it illegal to gamble in Malaysia? Most likely. That said, why online betting is so popular in Malaysia? How can Malaysian bettors even gamble if gambling is banned? Get the answer below!

Why Online Betting is So Popular in Malaysia?

Why Online Betting is So Popular in Malaysia?
Why Online Betting is So Popular in Malaysia?

Online Betting is So Popular in Malaysia

Yes, gambling is illegal in Malaysia, but people can still gamble online from the country. While all gambling activities have been illegal in Malaysia since 1953 (based on the Common Gambling Houses Act), the law itself only covers public gambling and offline casinos. That means, as long as bettors can access an online betting site and make sure nobody reported them, then they can gamble in Malaysia.

Of course, the online betting services headquarters may not be in Malaysia. Even if they do, they will have to get certification from other countries. PAGCOR, coming from the Philippines, is especially popular among South East Asian betting services to give out certification. So, don’t be surprised to find Malaysian betting sites, especially if they already acquired certification from PAGCOR.

Why Online Betting

Legality problems aside, there are actually more benefits Malaysian bettors can get by betting online. Here are some of them:

  • The platform is super versatile since all bettors need to access is an account and internet connection. With both acquired, Malaysian bettors can play online gambling anytime and anywhere, even at midnight.
  • There are tons of games to choose in the platform, be it casino games, sports betting, or simple slots. Some betting sites even offer several types of games instead of focusing on one!
  • Just like any online games, bettors can play one to several games before logging off, so there’s no need to specify several hours just to keep up with online betting (unless you do want to, of course.)
  • All process is online. So, it will really help if you use banks with online apps. This way, there’s no need to go to the ATM late at night just to be able to play online betting. If you are using an international site, however, you may want to consider signing up to virtual bank accounts like PayPal.
  • If you use a Malaysian site, then there’s no need to worry about how to transfer betting money because most Malaysian sites are supported by Malaysian banks.

Start Gambling Today

What are you waiting for? Malaysian bettors can gamble as long as they use online platforms. Not to mention, there are so many added benefits bettors can get by betting online. If they want easier day-to-day access, bettors can use betting sites coming from Malaysia. There’s nothing holding you back, so go wild and start gambling online today!


Many countries, especially Islamic ones, ban all gambling activities. However, that doesn’t stop online gambling’s popularity. In fact, many of those countries let people bet online as long as the site is legal. So, don’t ask ‘why online betting is so popular in Malaysia?’! Just play here at Sportsqq828 Trusted Online Sportsbook & Malaysia Live Betting Site to get more winnings.

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